a Leaderboard for Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline and more games!


ezStats is a PHP based leaderboard software for your Homepage. It supports Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 3.


Latest  Downloads


There is not much needed for ezStats:

  • a Webserver with PHP5-support
  • a SQL-database
  • modern browser with javascript enabled


  • download the latest version
  • unpack the zipfile
  • upload the content to your webspace
  • open ezStats and follow the instructions


Demo  Standalone Mode

By default, after installing ezStats, your leaderboard runs in the "standalone mode". This means that the leaderboard is a "real" website, with title, header, background image, and the content.

But you can change the appearance of the leaderboard easily in the Adminpanel: Choose from different presets, change the background image or add a custom header image. As an example, here the manual to add a custom header in ezStats3 for Battlefield 4: Manual

Now take a look on the demos of ezStats in Standalone Mode:

Demo  Plugin Mode

Do you have a clan- or community website? Perhaps you want to run ezStats in the "plugin mode".

The plugin for ezStats the leaderboard as a natural part of your CMS, and uses the style of your website (like font, color, etc.). The plugin is the much better solution, than using an iFrame to integrate ezStats into your website.

ezStats supports more than 25 different CMS so far. To show you a demonstration, here is a small selection of some CMS using a plugin for ezStats: